My name is Kevin Ross and this is my web portfolio. I am a Digital Media Specialist with a BS in Web Design and Interactive Media from Harding University July 2010. I have experience creating interactive tutorials, designing and coding websites, capturing, editing, and producing videos, and working with CMSs including Drupal, Wordpress, and Joomla.


HTML/XHTML, CSS, SEO, PHP, MYSQL, JQUERY JAVASCRIPT, ACTIONSCRIPT, Drupal, Wordpress, Social Media, Semantic Markup, Web Standards, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash Professional, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Audition, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Captivate, Adobe Fireworks, and Microsoft Office


ABC Financial

As part of my responsibilities as Digital Media and Marketing Specialist at ABC Financial, I maintain the company website. I am responsible for any changes on the site including any backend coding (PHP), theming, search engine optimization, updates, and regular content updates and additions.

Health Club Kiosks
Health Club Kiosks

This is a dynamic kiosk template I made in Flash that runs on the local machine. The displayed branding is a demo health club used for demonstrations, but it has been rebranded and used in health clubs and gyms across the country. This project is neat because the Flash file changes the URLs the buttons link to based off the name of the folder the file is located in. This allows the same file to be used across a large chain of clubs, but remain specific to the individual club.

Seas & Associates
Seas and Associates

I designed and coded this site with HTML, CSS, and PHP. I perform SEO and SEM on it as well as maintain it by keeping the content current.

Code.ABC Financial

I was asked to create this website as part of a facebook social media campaign to attract new employees to ABC Financial.

Busch Pepsi Classic
Busch Pepsi Classic website

I created and maintain this website on the side as continued work from my internship from 2010 with Adworks: Concepts and Designs. Their previous site had a flash menu and was unusable from mobile. I built a responsive website that can be easily accessed by tournament members so they can better keep up with the tournament and created a custom google maps app so they can find directions to the ball park, their hotels, and transportation services. The added functionality and ease of use has made their site a huge success.

Hiland Classic
Hiland Classic website

The folks from the Busch Pepsi Classic tournament mentioned above needed a website for another tournament and asked me to help out. This site is also responsive and is run by Wordpress.

Oasis Renewal Center
Oasis Renewal Center website

I designed and coded this site as part of my internship at Adworks: Concepts and Designs. It was a good opportunity to work with real clients and design something with constant feedback from the owner.

Arkansas Longboarders
Arkansas Longboarders website

I created this website for a community of longboarders in Arkansas that I started.

University Sports and Fitness
ABC Financial demonstration website

I created this site as a demonstration tool to show how different aspects of ABC Financial software can integrate with a client's current web presence. The page linked here is commonly used at tradeshows to demonstrate ABC Financial's capabilites, but I also frequently use the space to rebuild a potential client's current website with our software integrated for sales demonstrations.

Video Demo Reel

Demo Reel from Kevin Ross on Vimeo.